Privacy Policy

In force since May 25th, 2018

  1. About this policy
  2. How do we collect your personal data?
  3. What personal data do we collect?
  4. Why do we collect your personal data?
  5. With whom do we share your personal information?
  6. How can you modify your personal data?
  7. How can you control the personal information that you have given us?
  8. Data retention and deletion
  9. Transfer to other countries
  10. Protection of your personal data
  11. How do we treat the personal data of underage?
  12. Notice of changes to the privacy policy
  13. Who is responsible for the processing of your data?

In order to offer you the best experience of our services, from we need you to communicate a series of personal data. The privacy of all the data that you provide us is of great importance for, since by doing so, you are trusting us. Therefore, we are committed to protecting them and explaining in the most clear and simple way how and why we collect, store, use and share them.

We also detail how to contact us if you have any questions about your personal information.

1. About this policy

This privacy policy explains in a clear and detailed manner the use that we, Garaxeando, make of all your personal data. offers a service to reserve parking through our web platform. All the privacy policy that we explain below applies to it. The terms that govern the use of are defined in our Legal Notice.

We are constantly adding new features and services to our platform. If any of these services directly affects the way we collect and use your personal information, we will keep you informed.

The objective of this Privacy Policy is:

  1. Ensure that you understand what personal information we need to collect, and the reasons why we need it.
  2. Clearly explain how we use all your personal information and who we share it with.
  3. That you know what your rights are in relation to the treatment of your data and how we protect your privacy.

In order to benefit from the services offered by, you must agree with our Privacy Policy. Otherwise, you should stop using them.

2. How do we collect your personal data?

We collect your personal data in the following ways:

  1. When registering in When you register with, we collect certain information so that you can use our services optimally, such as your name, surname and email.
  2. When making a reservation with When you make a parking reservation with us, we need to collect certain information, such as the registration number or your telephone number. Also, if you need an invoice for the services contracted in, we will need you to provide us with the basic information for it.
  3. When browsing our website. We collect information in an entirely anonymous way from your navigation, device and location, for research, data analysis, marketing and promotions, improve our service and develop new features that improve the experience of all our users.
  4. When contacting When you contact us directly via email, contact form or social networks, we collect information that helps us get in touch with you, such as your name, email or phone.
  5. Third-party. We can receive personal information from third parties, including partners that offer services in your offer. We will only use this personal information when you have given consent to it to third parties or to

3. What personal data do we collect?

In order to help you book parking and use other of our services, we need you to provide us with a series of personal information, which we detail below.

Personal information collected when registering with

Category Collected data
Your account details Personal data you provide to allow us to register on our platform. These data include:
  • Name
  • Last name
  • Email
In addition, you can also provide us with your phone number, optionally.

Personal data collected when contacting

Category Collected data
Contact data They are data that we collect when you contact us directly via email or contact form. The data we collect in these cases are:
  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number (optional)
Direct contact through our social networks are governed by the privacy policy of these networks. In no case do we use or store the personal data provided from these platforms.

Personal information collected when making a reservation with

Category Collected data
Reservation data To help you book a parking space with, we need you to provide us with a series of information. These personal data are:
  • Registration number
  • Phone number
Billing information In order to make an invoice for your contracted services, we need you to provide us:
  • Name / Society
  • NIF / CIF
  • Registered office

Personal data collected when browsing through

Category Collected data
Navigation data (Anonymous) We collect information from your computer, tablet or phone, the browser you use and the language, geographical location, browsing time and page views, always anonymously, through different third-party tools.

Personal information about other people

Sometimes, you may not use our services in your name, but you make the reservation for someone else, or in the case of a company, you register your employees in

In these cases, it is your responsibility to make sure that the person or persons on whom you are giving us personal data are aware of this, have given their permission and understand how uses this data.

4. Why do we collect your personal data?

The reason why we ask you for your personal information is to be able to offer you the best possible service and experience, so that you can manage all your reservations and transactions, in order to get in touch with you in case of any incident, inform you about offers and discounts that may be of your interest or request your valuation of our services.

In the following table we detail each case.

Category Purpose of the use and storage of your data
Registration data

Improve your experience, provide exclusive services to registered clients, be able to contact you directly if necessary and allow you to have a record of all your transactions and operations.

In addition to sending promotions and offers in case you have accepted the sending of our news when you register.

Contact data To be able to communicate with you to solve your doubts and incidents.
Reservation data Data necessary to be able to manage a parking space, allow the parking to identify you, and be able to contact you in case of any incident.
Billing information Mandatory data to be able to invoice your transactions.
Navigation data (Anonymous) To investigate and analyze the behavior of all our users on the web, in order to improve the experience and develop new features and services.

5. With whom do we share your personal information?

In the following table we detail to you with whom we share your data.

Destination Category Purpose to share your data
Third-party applications for promotions and ratings Registration data

We use third-party tools to request that you value our service.

We also use tools to send promotions and offers, which we will only use if you give us your express consent when registering.

Third-party applications for statistics collection Navigation data (Anonymous) We share your browsing data, totally anonymous, for analytical and marketing activities with third-party tools.
Data protection authorities Personal information For legal reasons, we may be required to provide your information to comply with a legal obligation under the applicable law, or respond to a valid legal process, such as a search warrant, a court order or a subpoena.

6. How can you modify your personal data?

You can modify your personal data through your user profile. From the navigation bar, click on your username, and click on the Profile option.

Once you modify one or more personal data, we will replace it instantly, eliminating the old ones.

7. How can you control the personal information that you have given us?

You have the right to know and review all personal information that has about you. For this, you can request a review of your personal data by sending an email to

8. Data retention and deletion

We keep your personal data while the commercial relationship between the user and is maintained.

If you request it, we can delete or anonymize all the personal data that we have stored about you so that you can not be identified, unless we are legally required to keep such personal data, due to:

  • The existence of any unresolved dispute or problem related to your account or any operation performed.
  • When necessary for our legitimate commercial interests, such as the prevention of fraud or maintaining the safety of our users.
  • When we are obliged to comply with our fiscal, legal and accounting obligations, keeping them only for the period required by law.

9. Transfer to other countries

As part of the services offered by, the information you provide could be transmitted and processed by third parties located in a country outside the EU.

In such cases, will ensure that the transfer of your personal data is carried out in accordance with the applicable privacy laws and, in particular, that the necessary contractual, technical and organizational measures are applied, such as the standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission.

This can happen, for example, if one of our servers or one of our service providers is in a country outside the EU.

10. Protection of your personal data

We are committed to protecting the personal data of all our users, carrying out the necessary procedures to prevent unauthorized access to them and their misuse.

We use appropriate systems and procedures to keep the personal data that you provide protected. Only authorized personnel are allowed to access your personal information during the course of their work.

11. How do we treat the personal data of underage? is a service that you can only use if you are over 18 years old.

We only process information about children with the consent of the parents or legal guardians or when the information is provided to be used by the parents or the corresponding legal guardian.

If we discover that we have collected the personal data of a child under 18, we will take reasonable measures to eliminate such data.

12. Notice of changes to the privacy policy

Occasionally, our privacy policy may suffer some changes.

New features and services on our platform may require changes in the way we process and store your personal data.

We will notify you of any change in the policy through notifications on our platform and / or through an informative email.

13. Who is responsible for the processing of your data?

Garaxeando, with CIF 33299860T and registered office in Santiago de Chile nº33, 15701, Santiago de Compostela, is the company responsible for controlling the processing of your personal data.